not to expose myself and sorry to talk about it for so long but i needed to rant like i really need a break from myself this is getting old period

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my brain: loona kim lip eclipse heart attack chuu love cherry motion yves new music videos all connected three subunits odd eye circle mobius strip color theory converse mirrors future choerry olivia hye jumping off the diving board chuu hi high high note compilation
me: pls stop thinking abt the loonaverse:)
my brain: fancam itzy ryujin weki meki picky picky yoojung chaeyoung feel special twice nan mwonga dalla dalla
me: not what i meant:)

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like i NEED a break from myself and everyone else does too I DONT WANT TO THINK ABOUT KPOP ALL THE FLIPPING TIME... NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR IT.... idk how to stop it tho like it’s all i can think about and it’s quite upsetting

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ik it isn’t like a Big Problem but .... i hate the way adhd makes me have these super intense hyperfixations where i cant stop talking or even thinking abt something like ... i feel like not a normal person... people are like whats up? and in my mind i know ive done a ton of stuff but all i want to do is say that ive been learning about the loonaverse.....

literally messaging the girl i like on the co star app beat that dykes

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my exes fishes dogs mouses 3rd cousin is clairos friends ex friends friends brother

i miss being on tooter im gonna come here more often

not to bring it up again but i just found out my college roommate’s brother’s friend’s friend (or possibly sister) is clairo......... now what.......

crying bc i miss my very best friend bc she goes to college five hours way from me :)

the club i joined uses facebook messenger to communicate why why whyyyy should i quite like i hate facebook sm

going to a punk basement show for the first time the same day as my first college classes ... craziness incoming

currently close to new jersey dykedom feeling like i got second place

nj dykes 

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I don't actually hate the bird app that much I've met the coolest people on there

watching a video of myself trying to analyze songs and half the time im just spewing crap yas 😁 hope isabelnation is excited for the next review

id treat this as my second acct but i Know i would be tweeting abt kp*p on my second acct and this is Dyke Twitter after all... and i cant kp*p on main for fear of judgement... like im sorry it’s good pop music idk what to tell y’all except stream yes or yes by twice

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