just thinking about how my grandmother was soooo funny and sarcastic without ever being mean and actually listened when people talked and made friends literally everywhere she went and was the epitome of elegance and grace :')

haven't smoked bc i've been home...maybe i'll start exercising again...

we have been sobbing to the circle game for 3 days straight lol why does it hit how does she know?!?!

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not me and my sister getting in the car and her asking "can you play some joni mitchell".....

lmao why do i feel so guilty ending things w people even when it's just not a good match

was feeling depressed so i did yoga for 20 minutes and it made me feel better becoming mentally healthy makes u an annoying bitch apparently

sometimes i imagine my future and the most vivid future image of myself i've had so far is me as a dyke w a white crew cut who lives in a beach community year round walking up and down the beach w a metal detector and a joint


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lmao sometimes i forget i was in love w ********* for like a year and thought i always would be...mentol illness literally mentol illness

listening to aimee mann and trying to write like why do i do this to myself

my grandma has medical marijuana and she wants my mom my aunt and my mom's friend to come to her house and take gummies together...should i call the cops?

why do i continue to smoke literal cancer medicine after tweaking out every single time

am i sex-negative or did i just internalize shame growing up in a religious household???

oomf is always pulling some immature shit w me lol when someone shows u who they are believe them the first time!!

my mom just described me as "lost to tumblr" in early high school....expose me

the fact that film twitter is a thing is hilarious to me like the hive mind really does exist

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