everything’s going very well but i still wanna just stay in bed and watch the x files

i want to make this clear, she was trying to hit on me VIA the script, i don’t remember much but the main character (a girl that had a boyfriend in the beginning) ended up with another girl that had my first name and was described exactly as me

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just remembered that back in high school a girl i knew tried to hit on me with a short film script she was writing

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jealous of everyone who would /does look good with a nose piercing

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drunk and crying to love song by lana del rey because i know i'll never experience real love

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i literally have such terrible self image jesus it's better than it was like when i was 15 i guess but its still so. bad. like when will i ever just be able to feel comfortable in my own skin & not hypercritical constantly

is it normal for people who are told they are ugly growing up to not be sex positive as adults? asking for a friend

hello tooter i’m trying to pull myself out of this breakdown i bought new headphones and my bangs look GOOD

oh and also i am very h*rny and desperate in every aspect

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hello tooter sorry for whining i just want to say i’m at my most hopeless very close to giving up and crying while reading interviews

tried a suit on for the first time.... INTERESTING

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am i queer or am i just tired of being everything a man doesn’t want

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