again i only wanna keep tooter up if people still wanna use it, idk how many people still use it but the bill is on the 26th and its like 7 oor 8 bucks so if u wanna pitch in my cash app is $guitarhero666 please dont send more than 2 dollars

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Yesterday I learned of Jerry Lawson, and for all of my studying of the evolution of personal computers I’d never heard his story before.

It never ceases to amaze me how good America is at erasing non-white contributions to technology.

like do i blame myself at the end of the day? i guess nobody is really to blame. its just so frustrating

none of this really matters and at the end of the day life doesnt matter, youd just think with all the support ive gotten over the years id be better at something but im not

i just felt so good doing so well in my summer classes that were actually for credit and then failing English just makes me feel like a failure again

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tweeting stuff on main thats annoying and depression but like i really dont care anymore

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parents suing each other during a recession for the second time like luvs maybe you need therapy instead 😭

going to try and win over my gfs best friend by giving her plants cause my plants have alot of babies

tw weight 

i cant weight to be a healthy weight again i looked so much more healthy and alive

i really never thought id survive my mom getting sick and my cat dying plus a pandemic. But for some reason i dont feel motivated to be creative and myself. idk life goes so fast i thought id have done more by now. Im 21 and feel like everythings over. hopefully this is temporary

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i feel like im more mentally stable but now my life is boring and kinda sucks so like was it worth it

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whoever this god bitchis where are they cause ima beat theiir ass idc

having diarrhea to turning tables (glee cast version)

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