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i miss being in a close distance relationship..... i hate being a dyke sometimes.

literally everyone trying to die that's close to me like stop seriously stop

gf won't watch carol with me should i just end it now

my ocd has gotten pretty bad off my meds and it annoys my gf i feel bad and i know she loves me but i also feel like a burden

the night before i drive to my gfs house i get sick haha funny one god

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cried last night because my rats are at my gfs house now..... yup

bitches be like the smiths came on and then end up in the psych ward 3 minutes later

portrait of a lady on fire still (possible spoiler) 

would do anything to smoke with these legends

never gonna meet any of my gfs friends and yes i am gonna be sad about it

my rats do not like apple but they do like broccoli

to be fair the us media does convince people that a lot of things are true that are in fact not

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