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once my dad gets better this whole thing is gonna be alot less scary but rn i hate it here

my only hesitation is people from the city are moving to the shore and their hospitals don't have enough bandwidth, but i'll be isolated so

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once i'm healthy and 100% not contagious i'm moving to my moms. i was gonna move there this summer anyways and i miss her

whats everyones rose and thorn this week lets get this goin

pandemic really makin me think about how we all just one monkey that only need food fire and water to survive no frills we're just surviving for the foreseeable future

my sister on the phone with her tomorrow... like she has friends that will do it for her swallow your pride ma'am

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mom wants to go food shopping..... GO HOME BITCH YOURE IMMUNE COMPROMISED ‼️‼️‼️

im so mad i live with my dad like he is my downfall i hate it i hate it

the us is about to be such a shit show i really wish it wasn't like this

one of my friends from childhood is really testing me nyu students do not deserve rights

remember to disinfect ur phones tooters not just ur hands

fighting the urge to skip my one class i have a week this week

kinda scary as i get older its kinda all on me to get my life together. I hated hs but at least it gave my life some structure now i have to do that myself

some dykes on twitter irritate me like i dont care im not gay

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dykes and gay migrated from twitter