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dad being stupid again.... were all tired here

how do i be less anxious about completing school work i hate it here

anyways yes i think my dad agreed to have kids even though hes not mentally equipment to have them

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like i learned this lesson by having a sick cat its so basic. when i clean up after her i dont get thanked or rewarded for it its frustrating but thats what being a parent is like

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i think alot of parents dont realize that deciding to become a parent is kinda a thankless job. it can be fun to have a kid some of the time but most of the time its not

not sure how craig joined but his account has been deleted and all invite links have been deactivated

not sure what's gonna happen with this tooter i host it on a server and i don't think i'll be able to pay it this month, might try and host the server on my computer

doctors says im gay they think its terminal :/

just realized i had class ten minutes after class started

just realized if i wanna quarantine with my mom i cant see my gf

oomfs coming back on twitter and seeing were all still clowns

gf might be coming to jersey but she may have to quarantine for 14 days in my guest room

but now both my parent have health issues 😐 this is what happens when your parents decide to have a second child at 40

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like the fact that the pandemic didn't really change my life much because it was already falling apart

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